In A Dream (2014)
DJ-Kicks (2010)
The Future Will Come (2009)
Less Than Human (2005)

Everybody Get close (2011)
Happy House EP (2009)
Find A Way (2008)
Visitations (2006)
Der Half-Machine (2005)

Get Down (With My Love) (2014)
Feel Like Movin' (2013)
You Are My Destiny (2013)
Can't Let Go (2011)
Feel So Good (2010)
One Day (2009)
The Simple Life (2008)
Happy House (2008)
Love Is In The Air (2006)
Tito's Way (2005)
Give Me Every Little Thing (2005)
You Can't Have It Both Ways (2002)
By The Time I Get To Venus (2002)

Spectrum 311 – "Lying Eyes" (162 a Records)
Trash Palace - "Sex On The Beach" (Discograph)
Ralph Myerz – "Think Twice" (Emperor Norton)
Chromeo – "Me and My Man" (V2)
Air – "Surfing On A Rocket" (EMI)
Daft Punk – "Human After All" (EMI)
Duchess Saya – "Black Flag" (Summer Lovers)
Furukawa Miki – "Coffee and Singing Girl" (Heartfast Japan)
Chicken Lips – "White Dwarf" (Adrift Records)
Kudu – "Playing House" (Nublu)
VHS Or Beta – "You Got Me" (EMI)
The Presets – "I Go Hard I Go Home" (Modular)
Muscles – "Sweaty" (Modular)
Dave Gahan – "Deeper and Deeper" (Mute)
MUNK - "Live Fast Die Old" (Gomma)
Sally Shapiro – "I Know You’re My Love" (Paper Bag)
Cobra Starship – "Snakes On A Plane" (Decay)
Sneaky Soundsystem - “When We Were Young” (Whack Recordings)
Snax - "Passage of Time" (Nu Frequency)
Roy Davis Jr – “I Have a Vision” (Scion)
Patstique De Reve - “Lost In the City”
The Twelves - "Be My Crush“ (etcetc)
Circle Square – "Hey You Guys" (!K7)
Disco Demolition – "Follow Me" (DDR)
Franz Ferdinand – "No You Girls" (Domino)
All-American Rejects – "Wind Blows" (Interscope)
Chairlift – "Evident Utensil" (Columbia)
Chairlift – "Bruises" (Columbia)
White Lies – "Unfinished Business" (Fiction)
Passion Pit - "Green Tank" (French Kiss/Columbia)
Toxic Avenger - “The Non-Sense Anthem” (Iheartcomx)
Example – “Won’t Go Quietly” (Ministry of Sound Australia)
Sidwho – “Vote David Bowie For President” (Adult Arts Club)
Midnight Juggernauts - “TNT” (Modular)
Spleen United - “Suburbia” (First World/Sony)
Disco Biscuits - “You And I” (SCI Fidelity)
Tough Alliance – “A New Chance” (Sincerely Yours)
Marina & The Diamonds – “Hollywood” (679/Warner Brothers)
Bag Raiders – "Way Back Home" (Modular)
Romi – “Sleep” (self)
Via Tania - “Fields” (The Hours)
Styrofoam - “ Styroforam” (Nettwerk)
My Robot Friend w/ Alison Moyet – “Waiting” (Worried Rainbow)
Neon Hitch “ Over You” (Warner Brothers)
Cosmic Kids – “Reginald’s Groove” (Throne of Blood)
Midnight Magic “ Drop” (Permanent Vacation)
The Big Crunch Theory –“Arrows” (Versatile)
Yoko Ono – “Talking To The Universe”
Automagic – “Iris” (Kid Recordings)
Superhuman Happiness - "Um Canto de Afoxé Para o Bloco do Ilê” (Sony)
Stevie Nicks “Secret Love” (Reprise)